March To-Do List

Believe it or not, there is a garden under there.

We got our first taste of spring yesterday with a sunny, 45-degree day, and it is supposed to continue to warm up all week. I have never been so excited about spring! Hopefully we will see a lot of snow melt this week, but even so, the three-foot piles of white stuff will inevitably delay my spring planting schedule. But when do we ever get a perfect growing season—if the weather cooperates, you can count on the deer to destroy something.

Here is my March to-do list by week for zone 6, though each outside goal will have the “as soon as possible” caveat.

March 9-15
1. Seed starting indoors: tomatoes, peppers, onions, leeks, broccoli, calendula, sweet alyssum, marigold
2. Prune fruit trees
3. Shovel snow off raised beds
4. Deer spray arborvitaes and topiaries

March 16-22
1. Prepare raised beds for spring planting
2. Soil pH testing + incorporate compost or other soil amendments
3. Prune roses
4. Draw landscape plan for new orchard

March 23-29
1. Direct sow spring vegetables: peas, kale, lettuce, spinach, beets
2. Wood chip delivery for mulch and garden paths
3. Remove stumps from trees removed last fall

On-going / As soon as snow disappears
1. Turn compost pile
2. Flower garden clean-up
3. Survey for winter/deer damage and make repairs

4 thoughts on “March To-Do List

    • If you don’t have leaves on your tree yet, go ahead and prune, but do it lightly, as a heavy prune now might encourage fire blight. Take off damaged branches first, then any branches that are crossing or growing toward the interior of the tree. You can do another prune in late winter next year. I will be posting more about pruning fruit trees this week. Good luck.


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